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Welcome to the forum Tracy
I agree that you need to get this seen to as urgently as possible in whatever way is the quickest. If you mean the area around the eyes, not the eyeballs themselves, I have only heard of discoid lupus that can affect the eyelids very like blepharitis. I never heard of the malar or ACLE rash affecting round the eyes although a disease called dermatomyositis can also affect the eye lids. This might have nothing to do with the lupus.

Best of Luck in getting some answers and helpful treatment - your GP might prescribe steroid drops or ointment to see if that helps or he might want to refer you on.
I am in the UK and it would be easier for me to see GP or go to A&E and get a referral to a 24/7 ophalmological uregency service than to see my rheumatologist. I might go to a high street optometrist for a quick opinion. When I was in the USA I could access an ophthalmologist quickly without referral.

I absolutely agree with Cath about not delaying with eye problems

Please let us know how you get on

Bye for now
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