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Hi Mary,

I'm sure I gave you this information before when you were asking, but in case I didn't................;)

Your best bet is to ring the Lupus Association of Queensland and ask who they think is good. I know here at least in NSW they have a list of docs who are very good at dealing with it. You would probably have to travel to Brisbane, but it seems it would be worth it.

Their number is:

07 38789553

or you could email them:

[email protected]

I also found the head of Rheumatology at Princess Alexandria Hospital who deals with Connective Tissue Diseases 50% of the time according to one site.

TRAINING SITE NAME: Princess Alexandra Hospital
Head of Unit: Dr Phillip Vecchio

Contact Details:
Phone: 07 3240 2296


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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