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OK this is rubbish, Ive had a look everywhere to find a group for Lupus sufferers in Nottinghamshire (UK) & can not find one anywhere! surely there have to be a fair few people in Nottingham with Lupus, does anyone know if there are any support groups near me? as I'd love to meet other Lupys & be able to have a group where you meet up etc.

Any help will be much appreciated
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Hi Parkesy

Don't know if this would help you, but I joined Lupus UK and they have groups in each county throughout the uk. They have meetings and stuff. I contacted one of the committee members locally and she was really helpful. If you google Lupus UK I think it is the first link you come to.

Good luck
yeh ive joined Lupus UK a few days ago but completely forgot to check with them lol, damn im gettin forgetful!
Hey don't worry I have a habit of doing that too!
Hey there Parksey,

I don't want to put a damper on your enthusiasm but do be prepared that in many support groups you might find that younger people like yourself are in a minority and that men are even rarer.

There are no support groups here either.
I recently learnt that someone in the village has lupus. I only know her by proxy and have to admit that I haven't even wanted to go and meet her. I don't want anyone to feel that we have to get on because we share a disease. Maybe it's all part of the denial thing. I can come on here and be ill and keep it in a little box away from my "life" in Belgium.

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