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Hi Susane,

I do take Cod Liver oil that my doctor prescribed. It is called Lovaza. He prescribed it for both my joints and heart.
Those of us with lupus do need to protect our hearts by having our blood tested for high cholesterol. We have 50 percent
higher risk of heart disease than regular people. Fish oil is always a good supplement to take. I hope you find it helps you,
if you take it. I do believe mine helps me. I also take a pretty high dose of vitamin D, since I rarely go out in the sun anymore.
It really does help me a lot. I find that it helps my pain levels quite a lot also. I take the vitamin D when I take my Calicum

Best Wishes,
I had run out of my fish oil capsules so hadn't taken any in a while. My husband just went to the store to get me some, plus he is going to pick up a bottle of cod liver oil too. I had never looked up the cod liver oil until a bit ago. It does sounds good. Is it wise to take both cod liver oil and fish oil or only take one of them. If you would only take one which one would you take? I guess though since your Dr. had you to take the cod liver oil that would be first choice. I at least will keep some of both on hand.
Thanks for all your input on the board.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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