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4 week ago i was being treated for a gall bladder infection which took 3 weeks to clear up with the help of 2 lots of antibiotics!. one Saturday night as i was due to return to work on the Monday i fainted and from this point on i have fell shocking. my symptoms are:-
1. dizziness and light headed.
2. headache
3. all over body ache
4. joint aches
5. tired all the time
6. fainting (twice up to now)
7. no energy
i have been to see my GP who says my blood pressure is dropping which i causing me to faint. i also have an ear, and throat infection, a temperature, swollen glands and a fast pulse. but he has given me nothing to treat these things. I have just been and had some bloods taken so i have to wait until the 13.10.08 for the results. The doc say he was testing to see if the lupus had returned or not.
I also have an open appointment at the hospital if i think the lupus is returning and i want checking out.

I would like any one's opinion as to whether the above symptoms could be due to the lupus returning, and whether i should be checked over by the hospital.

thank you

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Hi Bev - im no doctor but if i felt that bad and had to wait that long i would get someone to take me down to A&E and put the problem to them to see if they can move any quicker with the tests. When ive felt that bad in the past ive done just that - actually on the advice of my GP come to think of it - he said if you feel worse off to A&E with you. Thats my point of view hope it helps and you find a solution soon ..... There's no point suffering for a long time if someone can help you - if A&E send you home again at least you have had some more advice and exhausted that possibility?
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