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Hey there, I know that I check my temp when I feel like I have a temp, BUT a few yrs ago I monitored my temp for a month and I run a normal temp of 97.5 so when I get a temp like 99.1 I know that is a fever for me, I am hypo thyroid and that does affect my temp and I am on thyroid meds but my temp is still a base line of 97+
When you are feeling good or feel you have a normal temp it only takes a few minuted to take your temp every hour and write it down for a few weeks you will then see what your baseline temp is and then you will know how your body feels when it goes up, because if you have a temp of 99.9 for example but your base temp is 97.1 I would think you have a fever.
Its only a suggestion but I did that by recommendation of one of my health books yrs before diagnosed with lupus to support my arguement with my docs about hypothyroid but now it is showing up on my blood tests.
Good luck and its only a a suggestion but I would bet alot of people on this site if they took there temps for a month would find they probably run a low base temp,
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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