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Lymph node pain?

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Hi there

Quick question, probably really obvious... I am just coming out of a flare joint-pain wise but feel tired and sick, and now have a really sore what I assume is a lymph node on the side of my neck. It is very tender to touch and really hurts when I swallow - it's a real battle to eat! Is this lupus-related and will it go away soon please? I do so love my food normally! Is there anything that helps?

I'm driving my poor husband mad with 3 new problems in the last 2 weeks: he's only just adjusting to the idea of me being photosensitive...

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I also have swollen nodes in my neck. It is very uncomfortable. Unfortunatley, not stopping me eat! Try lots of warming soup, so you do not have to chew. Also, I have a wheat bag I can heat, that helps ease things.

My poor husband justs asks where it is hurting today! Bless them!

Good luck x
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