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Lymph node pain?

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Hi there

Quick question, probably really obvious... I am just coming out of a flare joint-pain wise but feel tired and sick, and now have a really sore what I assume is a lymph node on the side of my neck. It is very tender to touch and really hurts when I swallow - it's a real battle to eat! Is this lupus-related and will it go away soon please? I do so love my food normally! Is there anything that helps?

I'm driving my poor husband mad with 3 new problems in the last 2 weeks: he's only just adjusting to the idea of me being photosensitive...

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That's strange that you brought this up... I have a very sore lump on the underside of my chin. I guess it would be right under where my tongue is, but more on the outside. I really notice it when I bend my head downward or open my mouth very wide. I just assumed it was related to flaring...

I asked my doc about the lymph node soreness on the underside of my chin and she asked me if I'd had an acne outbreaks on the lower part of my face and she said that had likely caused the soreness.

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