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Lymph Node Swelling

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I have noticed my lymph nodes on both sides of my clavicles swelling for about 3-4 weeks, it may have been prior to that I just haven't noticed(I believe this is called supraclavicular adenopathy), I also have pains on the sides of my neck that ache, I also have a cough mainly at night and first then in the morning. I'm currently having a pretty bad flare with achiness, tons of fatigue and stiffness and swelling. Does anyone know if this lymph node enlargement is due. Also for the past couple of weeks my lower back has been hurting really bad and I'm unsure what that's related to as my back hasn't hurt me in about a year and half and I haven't done anything to it???:worried:
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if the lymph nodes are painful, then it is more likely to be infection than lupus.

I have enlarged lymph nodes caused by lupus, they are painless and are spread throughout my entire body (neck, under my jaw, armpits, groin, even behind my knees).

hth, sounds like you may have flu or something with that cough


hi i also have swollen lymph nodes under my left arm which are very painfull
i can feel them and my left brest is much bigger than the right one
i had a c.y scan which said that they where swollen and slao ones in my leg
i asked the dr for a mamagram a brest exam and she said because i was under 40 if woudl take her ages to get one sorted out
she can feel them also i am worried about them but g.p said when i am in londo for see dr kaul to ask him about it
so as for now have just to suffer the pain
the dr asis it ws not an infection as the bloods did not show any
the glands in my neck also swell and they are really sore also
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