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People are very silly.

I like a laugh and a joke - often at my own expense.

However, my confidence hits my boots when i am struggling to think properly. If this coincides with my struggling to find the right words it's even worse. Tiredness is my bogey man.

The problem is, people can't really tell when i am feeling a bit fragile, so sometimes people say things i would cope with normally, but feel make me feel awful when i am ... well, brainfarting (yeuk!) i suppose.

I have responded more than once by telling people frankly that 'What you just said made me feel really stupid ... was that your intention?' Then I say NOTHING at all until the person has responded. I have never had anybody say 'yes i wanted to make you feel stupid'.

It does not make me feel better, but more often than not it provokes a discussion during which i can explain that yes i like a joke, but I am not feeling too great right now - the forgetfulness and confusion is a clue for future reference.

And yes claire, I too have said 'why don't you try it!'

I have had people try to bully me at work in the past by pretending to make harmless fun out of me, whilst really sticking the boot in. Several times i told them how that made me feel whilst asking them why they supposed they needed to do it.

I did not enjoy it, but i did it. I still don't know if I was doing the right thing, but it never made the situation worse.

I found keeping it inside made me feel worse and did not bother them at all, so i just stopped pretending i was bomb proof.

People are very silly.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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