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Malar Rash Question

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There seems to have been much discussion about redness on the face - over nose and cheeks. I have another question to throw in - if you apply pressure to the area does the redness turn white in Malar cases or not?

Thanks Kiara
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Hi Kiara,

The redness of the malar rash is caused by increased blood flow throught the vessels under the skin because of inflamation. So, yes, if you apply pressure to it, the blood willl blanche out and it will go transiently white until the blood refils the vessels.

This is in no way diagnostic or characteristic though. Pretty much all rednesss is this type. The only rashes that do not blanche are where the blood leaks out of the vessels - ie petechia, purpura and echymosis.

For the most non experts, it is pretty much impossible to tell whether a rash is the "lupus" malar rash or rosacia or sunburn just by looking at it. One trick is that the lupus rash does not affect the labial folds - the area next to the nose above the lip (which creases when we smile). Rosacia usually does affect this area, and also will develop pustules eventually which ACL does not. Still, if you want to be sure about it, you need to see a dermatologist. This is worth doing, as they may well be able to offer treatment to lessen the effect of the rash too.

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Thanks Cath thats really interesting - the reason i ask is because ive had for as long as i remember a redness over my cheeks and nose that ive always covered with make up. Now that im post natal and of course no time for make up ive become more aware that it is there and is sometimes redder than others.
I pressed it and it went white then recoloured. There is an area down the sides of my nose where it does not appear and when i smile these areas look like two white lines down my face. Just wondering now whether my GP should have investigated this?
Thanks Kiara

This is definatly something that should be pointed out to that Rhuematologist that you will eventually see.

Perhaps also you need to point it out to your GP and ask for a Dermatologist referral as well! lol

Hugs Lesley
Hi Kiara,

I get the redness on the cheeks and nose and sometimes the chin and it does spare the folds by the nose on each side. I have never pressed on my rash though to see if it turns white. I will try that next time it happens. I dont know if this happens to anyone else but I also get redness in the face associated with being in the heat even if its for a short time like 5-10 minutes, when I am upset or stressed or when I am at work under the fluorescent lights. I also get extreme redness of the palms of my hands several times a day. This sounds Bizaar but does anyone else have some of these symptoms?? Thanks.

Kiana: I hope you are feeling better soon!

Take care,
Hey Kim

Yes my Malar rash reacts to heat, it turns (as the screen name inferrs) cherry-red. Doesn't have to be direct light, just sitting in a hot car or room will do it! Then again mine never really goes away, but on a nice cold day it is almost unnoticable.
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