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My daughter has Lupus and is now 18. She is slowly being transfered to adult care from a sick childrens hospital as once you are 18 you are told old for this hospital.

This hospital has many specialties involved in her lupus care, dietitian,social-worker, psyc., nurse there for adolencent issues, Rheumie nurse that we can call at any time etc. A child that is dealing with a life altering illness can use these specialties to help them deal with the many questions and problems that arise.

It was her Rhemie psyc. has been a great help, and actually was the one who alerted the Rhemies of her symptoms she was having(Lupus was attacking her brain).
This psyc. was instrumental because my daughters blood work wasn't showing how serious her lupus was.

My advice would be find a childrens hospital that has a department of Rhem. and get her referred. In our home town she was initially wrongly diagnosed by a adult Rhemie.

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