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Hello to all,
My 13 yo daughter has been diagnosed with mctd. Her problems started about 4 months ago and it's been a rough time for her. She's seen several doctors, several ER visits for pain and just last week we were lucky enough to find a rheumy who seems to be interested in helping her. She is on Plaquenil and just started relafen today - how long will it take for her to show improvement? She is in too much pain to go to school and she misses her friends because she doesn't feel well enough to hang out. Her friends don't understand they keep asking her what is wrong. Her rhemy and pcp want her to see a psych to help her through this - I am trying to find one. It seems like there are many people that do not understand these diseases - I don't want her to end up with someone who thinks this is all in her head. Any suggestions would be welcome.
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