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I am sorry about your daughter's diagnosis but at least you have some answers and she is getting treatment. It is very difficult for the youngsters to cope with chronic disease and getting some help for her emotionally is a good idea. I am not sure why she would need a psychiatrist as such though.
Maybe you could find somebody suitable through a pediatric hospital in your area. They often have specialist psychologists.
You will have the chance to talk with the person first to get an idea of their attitudes. We have a pediatric section here where you might get some ideas and we also have some teen age members. They cope remarkably well despite the considerable difficulties with their peers and the effect the disease has on their social life and the restrictions it often causes.
At some stage you will need to decide on a strategy to tell her friends what's going on and inform the school. Other kids are often very understanding and supportive and will keep in touch if encouraged. Calling it a "sort of arthritis" is the simplest explanation, usually understandable by all.

The Plaquenil takes a few months to fully kick in and a various NSAIDs may need to be tried meanwhile to find what works best for her. There is also the option of a short course of Prednisone to quickly reduce inflammation and make it possible for her to get back to school

Please make sure urine has been tested and start learning about these diseases yourself by getting test results. We will help you all we can. There's a enormous amount of information out there that can be overwhelming but a wealth of experience and good quality 'predigested' useful information here.

MCTD is a distinct diagnosis and isn't usually spoken of as the precursor of lupus. It refers to an overlap condition that has some symptoms of lupus, scleroderma and polymyositis. Symptoms of one disease or another may predominate or come to predominate but it might stay much the same.
Strictly speaking there will be high levels of an autoantibody called anti RNP and of ANA antibodies.
It is a relatively rare condition with no special support group and we have a few members here with it.

We'll help you all we can to come to terms with it so just ask for any further help.

Good Luck

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