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Me and the anti malarials

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I took either Plaquenil( hydroxychloroquine sulfate) or Aralen(chloroquine)for many years in short courses as was the prescribing habit some decades ago. I had no side effects but not much clear benefit as I was grossly underdosed.
As soon as I was put on Plaquenil 400mgs a day there was a noticable improvement in skin and joints but nothing dramatic. No side effects and eyesight fine.

When Quinacrine/ Mepacrine 100mgs a day was added to the Plaquenil there was an astounding improvement: 90% skin, 100% joints and fatigue. Quinacrine does not affect the eyes and I haven't suffered any skin yellowing, a cosmetic side effect that troubles some people.
Then Aralen,(500mgs a day) replaced the Plaquenil - it's slightly stronger and has the reputation of greater eye toxicity than Plaquenil. No eye toxicity after at least 10 years continuously on either Plaquenil or Aralen on the maximum usual doses, no other side effects, only tremendous benefits.
I need to keep taking these medicines or the symptoms come back.


( SCLE ( Subacute cutaneous LE) Originally diagnosed as discoid lupus 36 years ago. Major facial skin involvement, mild to moderate arthralagia, fatigue)
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Interesting, I am diagnosed with Discoid Lupus, I have been taking Plaq for 3 months have seen a little improvement, I am afraid of scarring and pits in my face, i have taken all the precautions, but I am a little sad. Do you get most of your meds from your derm or your rhuemy, i have found that the rhuemy is not too interested in skin problems, but he does run a few more blood test than the derm which might be helpful, the derm called my discoid mild which I feel lucky but this has changed my active lifestyle dramatically and feel like when I cannot do the things I want, what kind of life is it to live inside all the time. I was wondering if I would see results after the 3rd or 4th month and then afraid that I would have to take more anti malaria medicine like you. It is on my cheeks and some on my scalp, but I am just freaked out about it. Thanks for listening.
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