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Meanining of little gold stars?

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Please will somebody tell me what the little gold stars near our names are for? :blush:
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Hmm - I've seen this on other boards and is usually related to the number of posts the person makes. I could be wrong.....
Alwin I have seen it on other boards too but I don't know exactly how many posts each star represents.

Do you like the new look?
I prefer to think it means I have been a VERY good girl! :hehe:

Seriously though, yes it seems to relate to the number of posts. If you look at a newbies post you will see that they have only one star. I wonder how many posts equals one star? Alwin, you have managed to get inside my head..... oh dear... I can see a week of obsessive calculating coming up for me :rotfl:

Jus posting to see how many stars I have:rotfl:

Love the new look.:)
don't worry I don't have any stars :rotfl:

Yep, I like the new look too but it seems that five stars is the maximum no matter how good I were supposedly to be so, my question is...does one lose stars for being BAD...or cheeky...or, well you know like me? :lol:

If that's the case then I have been officially de-starred, either that or the lights are on and nobody's home :lol: oh dear enough already it's way past my bedtime :hehe:

Now I won't go suggesting a star losing hem, me thinks Clare would be having me guts for garters!! :rotfl:

I could be mean and leave you guessing for the numbers, but I won't :hehe:

It's the number of posts you have-
1 star = minimum 1 post
2 stars = 50 posts
3 stars = 100 posts
4 stars = 500 posts
5 stars = 1000 posts
6 stars = 5000 posts

Moderators don't have any stars, just a title badge, although I can always change it so that you have stars too :)
Oh no I like the Mods with their 'Mods Badges' :lol: - although it should have V.I.P added or is that V.I.L (Very Important Lupie) :hehe:
Loving the new look Joanne - it's very pleasing on the eye.

Thanks again for all your hard work with the site, even though I haven't been posting recently this board means the world to me! :thanx:


Pam xxx
aw, and there was me believing I'd suddenly become ever so important through being good :rotfl:

Nah, just kidding, I've seen them on other sites too. I had to join a bikers forum to thank people for the thread about my Dad when he passed away and there I have one star and am described as a "wobbling fledgling" !!

I like the new look too, which is a bit of a first because I don't like anything on my computer to change at all as a rule.

I had no idea I had posted so much and it is nice to get a few stars cos I never seemed to get any at school. :smile:
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