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How many of you have them and what do you have on them? I'm wondering if I should get one due to all of the meds that I am on but not sure. What are your thoughts? I've listed the meds that I am on below to see what should be on it if I were to get one...

Folic Acid

That is a bunch of meds and don't think many will fit...any thoughts of a better way to make sure in an emergency someone knows about the important meds.

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I had an engraved one previously with my name, condition & husbands contact details but now I have the full SOS one due to the meds I take. It has an unscrewable top & corigated paper inside with all my details -doctor, next of kin, blood group, meds etc.

All my friends & family are aware of it just in case I become unwell.


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I have a med alert bracelet. I have put my name, birth date, two of my labels. (SLE & heart failure) Then I have put see med list in my billfold. It is right by my drivers license. My med list changes so much that it is easier to keep an updated computer print out in my billfold.

Plus I got a pretty beaded id bracelet. :bigsmile:


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I bought mine from Sticky J...can't remmeber the website but it should come up in google - it looks like a watch shop but they do medic alert.

I got told i should be wearing one by a paramedic when i had to go in an ambulance last year. I have my name, DOB, SLE-Lupus then a bit that says "see other side" and on the back i have Immunosurpressed-on prednisolone and then two ICE contact numbers.

Not only can i interchange my bracelet straps i feel so much more confident when i am out alone - before i use to worry if i collaspsed and now all i have to worry about is if i do fall will it be a soft landing!:rolleyes:

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Hi there,

I have one too as apparently when on pred it is better that emergency professionals be aware of it (also immunosuppressants are sometimes mentioned).

However, in this country they are NOT AT ALL recognised and health professionals don't even "notice" it. I asked my rheumy today if, with the meds I'm taking (plaquenil, imuran, 12.5mg pred, aspirin, neurontin, ...) I should have a card in my wallet and she said
there's nothing that you take that would change the care you receive in an emergency situation and if you were unconscious but it's probably best to have a list in your wallet to give to a doc rather than trying to remember them all at that time
- I didn't ask about the bracelet itself as I know they don't have them here.

ON the other hand, if I contact medicalert they say that it needs mentioning that I have hashimotos (don't ask me why), that I have lupus, that I take prednisolone, imuran and aspirin.

So, I guess you do what you feel is best... and what your doc recommends. It also depends on whether you suffer from things like seizures or passing out which I don't. I did however feel very bad when in A&E when I couldn't breathe as I was incapable of telling them that I had lupus or what meds I was on and hubby didn't know - I got my bracelet after that.

sorry that wasn't a clear answer - we've had many discussions on this before - here's one thread that also refers to another

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