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Medigap vs. Medicare Advantage Plans

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I'm so grateful that I was approved for SS benefits, but now I'm filled with so many questions. I'm online trying to decipher, but it is so confusing.

My question of the day is: what is better to have, a Medigap policy or a Medicare Advantage Plan. I know that the Advantage Plan works like private insurance, but I'm not sure if the Medigap plan would be better.

Any thoughts on what you have selected, Medigap or Advantage and why would be so helpful. And if you wouldn't mind listing the company's that you selected.

Thank you all,
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Hi Sue, I do not know how things work in Calif., but here in Illinois if we call our local State Representative's office, their staff can answer our questions and advice us on choices. Also, there are always people at our local Senior Center that are qualified to answer questions and guide us thru. I do not know your age, but here 55 is considered a senior. Each state often has it's own regulations, for example, for the longest time you could not get supplemental ins. in Ill. till you turned 65, but Missouri laws were different. Now in Ill. , you can get a supplemental after you are approved for SS. disability. Good Luck, it is very daunting making decisions that affect your health care. Rosie
hi susan

when i got my medicare intitle package there was a pamphlet in it that explained the difference between the two. i did not take the part B, which is the medical part of medicare. i have insurance thru my husband company tho' i could use part B if i wanted to, but i'd rather keep the $100 that part B cost. you could probably contact your local social security office.

good luck


I chose Medigap. Main reason is if my kidneys fail and I need dyalisis (sp) medigap kicks in with out any red tape. Medigap is more expensive than most plans that I have been in. The big difference has been that when a doc orders a test it gets done. Other insurances want a case built around the fact that I need the test. Medigap does cost more than other insurances but I have no co pays ( like physical thereaphy 3 times per week for 4 weeks)....there is a limit on how much PT medigap will pay ...but when PT and doc get together I have never had a problem .

Hope this helps

I have Medicare Parts A and B as my secondary insurance.

My husbands plan is my primary plan.

I am not familiar with the difference between these 2 coverages.

Let us know what you decided to do.
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