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Hi Flashman
Sympathies to you......I feel I've been where you are now:worried:
Before I was properly treated and while seeing a GP who didn't recognize my fairly textbook symptoms of Lupus, I was popping high doses of Ibuprofen just to get through the day. Persistant low grade fevers, pleuritic and joint pains constant sore throats were definately eased by it. Though of course not the fatigue and stuff.
Trouble is it doesn't help control the disease so I was getting very much worse.
What you need (as I did,) was to swap GP's and an urgent rheumy appointment.
Now since being treated properly I will only use Ibuprofen short term like a day or two. Its not really recommended for lupies for the reasons Katharine describes plus a risk of aseptic (non-infective) meningitis. There are many other NSAIDS more suitable.

Good luck to you
If only lupus researchers received a pound for every lupie who was made to feel like a hypochondriac.......a cure would surely be found:)
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