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Hi, I am just wondering if anyone else has been perscribed Mepracrine?
I was on Plaquentil but couldnt stay on them as i was really ill whilst taking them, my doctor has now put me on Mepracrine, which i may add, is still not agreeing with my system and tastes so bad it makes me ill.
Even on the Mepracrine and steroid cream my lupus is still raging, its going in places i have never had it before.

I have Tumid lupus, a rare skin form of the lupus and was diagnosed 3 years ago.

Is any one else on Mepracrine or has taken it in the past and if so, how did you feel on it and did it help?
Sorry to ask so many questions, even with all my med's and creams my lupus is raging and has been for 12 days now, i cant sleep with the itching and the joint pains.

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Hello, myself and my Daughter are both on Mepacrine as we were hideously allergic to Plaquenil. I agree about the taste, it is the most bitter tablet I have ever had and seems to stick on the way down.

Two encouraging things for you though, it has a good energising effect and is very safe on the eyes.
Also it can be very very beneficial to lupus skin. It did wonders for mine.

I am assuming you are on one tablet three days a week? It is also possible to do half a tablet six days a week if your Doc. agrees. For me this avoids digestive upset. If you are very small (my Daughter is) you may even find half a tablet 3 times a week is enough for you.

I am not medically qualified, I am just giving you our own findings. I hope they are some help to you.
Good Luck,
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