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Hi all :)

The weirdest thing happened to me last night :eek: i'd had a really horrible past two days, just feeling really weak and ill :rolleyes: and then last night whilst laying in bed i started crying and i mean sobbing :eek: :( I never cry!! i was just so fed up of feeling ill and my best friend is down on holiday for 2weeks and i was so angry that i was feeling unwell and was probably going to miss out on seeing her and doing fun stuff :mad:, as usually when i feel that ill it lasts for a week or two, and i thought its just my luck that i feel poorly whilst shes here on holiday (havent seen her since christmas) grrrrr :mad:

So i must have fallen asleep sobbing (Violins :lol:) and when i woke up this morning felt MUCH better, still ill but just my 'normal' ill feeling not the dreaded feeling like im going to die! :lol:

Wierd!?! i guess crying/breaking down can sometimes be good for you!? or the plaquenil ive been taking is helping reduce my flare durations :wink2:
Either way, fingers crossed it lasts :p

Cheers x x x ;) x x x x
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