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Mepacrine Dosage

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Hi there,

I have just returned from seeing the registrar at my local hospital. I am currently taking 50mgs per day of mepacrine for lupus discoid. I have been taking this for about 3 weeks now and have noticed a slight improvement which is great. I asked about upping my dose but was told to carry on for now for a couple of months to see how things go as I seem to be tolerating it ok.

I was just wondering if anyone is taking mepacrine ( I know Clare is a great fan) what dosage you were taking.

Many thanks in advance for your response.

Love Maria x
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Hello Maria

I am very glad to hear that the Mepacrine is helping

I take 100mgs a day which is the usual dose prescribed in the USA, along with the other anti malarial but I know that a lower dose is usually prescribed in the UK which tends to be more conservative. Start low and work up, rather than high and then lower. Dr D Cruz at St Thomas' was happy for me to stay on it.

I don't know why your Dr wouldn't let you take more to see if it helps more. We had a very detailed thread about the dosage topic. Lola takes it on its own too, 3x 100mgs a week maybe and Nicky started at 100 a day if I remember rightly. I expect they'll reply.

I'll look for the long thread now

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The thread on dosages is

The quote from the British Association of Dermatologists says that your doctor will advise as to dose but as little as 50mgs 3X weekly might be enough.

Hi Maria

Once you have read the thread I would like to add to it.......

I never got round to mentioning this but quite a while after that thread I found a note I had scribbled alongside my meticulous notes made from questions I had asked from a doctor whilst at St Thomas in London.

I now know she said 50mg 3 times a week.

Remember Im not taking them for Discoid.

At the moment Im on 100mg per day and have stuck to that dose .
My Rhumatologist wanted me to increase from 100mg as my first dose to 200mg the second month and 300mg third month and ultimately until I saw him.

Whatever the dose I think the emphasis is on 'gradual'.

It has been of great benefit to me and I hope it helps you also.

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clare hi I,m new to this site and still getting used to the computer I,ve just been giving mepacrine today 100mg every day for my lupus my doctor says I could get a yellow tinge to my skin do you have any symtoms of this kind hope you don,t think i,m to forward linda
Hello Linda and welcome :)

This is an older thread and it would be better to start a thread of your own, introducing yourself and asking your specific question that way you'll get more answers from people here taking mepacrine.

Hi Linda,

I have been taking 50mgs of mepacrine a day since October 2008. I am taking it for discoid. It has helped a bit but my dermatologist is now looking for something stronger to control the flares. The only side effect I have had is that my skin has gone a yellow tinge. It looks like I have a slight tan. It is a really useful antimalarial as I was allergic to plaquenil.

I really hope it helps you, I noticed an improvement after about 6 weeks of taking it.

Take care, Maria x
Welcome to the forum Linda :)

I have been taking 100mgs a day for a good number of years with no visible yellowing. Urine and sweat are yellow staining though
You would have to know what you were looking for and be under the dermatologist's lights to notice it. It seems to be very individual :)
I used to take it with 400mgs Plaquenil but I now take it with 500mgs chloroquine/ Aralen instead of the Plaquenil. It is interesting to hear of it being used in countries other than USA and UK. There are some outstanding lupus doctors in Israel

I hope you find it really helpful
All the best


PS In the USA Mepacrine is called Quinacrine.
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