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Methotrexate-My Experience

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I took Methotrexate for about 7 months. I always took 15mg a week from the start and for the whole time I was on it. I took it on saturday nights. The first few times I took it I vomited within a few hours. So my GP started me on Ondasetron which I took an hour before MTX and then twice the next day. It took about 12 weeks to start noticing any positive changes in my SLE symptoms. Methotrexate always made me feel like i had the worst hangover ever for the one or two days after taking it. However it was AMAZING for my SLE. My bloods looked perfect whilst I was on it(ESR 9! ANA medium pos-usually very high pos)...I had lots of energy and no joint pains...I could even run up the stairs!! Even the brain fog disappeared! I went on a very demanding holiday in USA driving 2000 miles of desert and I felt awesome. Sadly my WBCs went right down and I got millions of infections in the last couple of months I was on the hangover effect was ruining my life as i worked all week and was in bed all weekend.
Overall I would recommend this drug if your SLE causes alot of joint pain. I would also recommend an anti sickness drugs like Ondansetron if it makes you sick, and making sure you've got no plans the day after you take it. Plus dont forget your folic acid!! xxx
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