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Methotrexate question? when to take?

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Hello all!
The doctor strongly suggested I start taking Methotrexate. So, I am having my prescription filled tonight. I would really like some suggestions on what day to take it and what time? am/pm? I do work (attempt) 40 hrs so I was thinking possibly Thurs or Friday in case I have side effects.
I am really nervous about taking this because I feel like crap already, but I am willing to try.
Any thoughts would be much appreciated
Thank you!
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I only had nausea, general unwell feeling the first 2-3 weeks that I was on Methotrexate and that always occured 36 hours after I took my weekly dose. I take mine after dinner since it is my largest meal of the day. Did your doctor also prescribe Folic Acid for you? It is really important to take the folic acid as it helps keep many side effects at bay. Different doctors prescribe the folic acid differently. The other note is that we take it at a much lower dose than cancer patients do so the side effects you read about are a lot less likely to occur at the dose you are taking.

Take care,
I recently started taking Methotrexate, I take mine Friday night after dinner with an extra folic acid tab for a total of 4, I take 3 on the other days. Like you I work and thought friday would be good in case I had some side effects. For the first couple of doses I felt tired but it wasn't too bad. My doc started me on 3 (2.5 mg) tabs. I hope the med works well for you, take care
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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