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Methotrexate is part of a class of medications that when used for Lupus and similar diseases are called DMARDs Disease Modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drugs. I would hope on further discussion that Imuran or Cellcept be the direction they choose to go and you have every right as a patient to ask why Methotrexate. All of these DMARDs are immune suppressing and there will always be some risk of side effects. However we take much lower doses for lupus treatment than other kinds of patients would be taking. That lowers the possibility of having any severe side effects.

The advantage to these drugs is they have fewer side effects than long term Prednisone. They can slow down and in some cases stop the lupus from continuing to attack your kidneys. Even though they seem scary they are truly wonderful breakthroughs in the treatment of lupus and allow most patients to live a normal life span.

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