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Middle Finger Jumps!

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I am off to GP on Wednesday but interested to know if anyone else has this problem!

The easiest way to see it happen with me/show someone is to hold hands/fingers out straight then lower the middle finger only - this is when my middle finger uncontrolably jumps (both hands). I do have very shaky/tingly hads as well, but the middle finger jump is something new!:hehe:

I have never been diagnosed with anything for the shakes(which get worse the more I use my hands. My first consultant just before he discharged me said everyone has the shakes.:eek:

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Probably some kind of nerve compression thing - could be carpal tunnel. My fingers (various ones depending on the nerve) would do the exact same thing. If it continues, and the traditional measures do not solve the problem, then you should go see an orthopedic doctor.
I have two fingers that jump (little finger and ring finger) - they are served by a nerve that doesn't serve my other fingers - the ulnar nerve - which is the nerve that is being effected. I don't have any nerve compressions, but I do have a lot of issues with lupus attacking my nerves (I have extensive sensori-motor neuropathy). My finger flutter is an intention tremor.

Here is a link to the nerves of the hand, I always find it interesting to look at the underlying nerves to see if it makes sense neurologically.

I will be interested to see what your doctor says about it - please update us after visiting the doctor. Hope it settles down soon.


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:) Hi there, In my hubby's family, most of the members have what is called ; "Essential Tremmors ". It basicly means that when they over-work either or both hands or arms, then the hand is gonna have the shakes. His daughter has the shakes in her left hand quite badly, and it is all the time, she just works with it. Hubby will only have the tremmors if he over-works his hands, like fixing a pipe under the kitchen sink or something, other wise he is normal. I shake terribly when I get rushed or nervous. But, an actual jump, sounds like something different, and I truly wish I could be of more help, but I have never seen it affect just certain fingers, or a "jump". Please let us know what the answer is when you get back. Be well.:wink2:
the ulnar nerve

just a note to say that the ulnar nerve runs down around the elbow. My dad had to have his released, just like a carpal tunnel release, because of damage to his ulnar from putting weight on his elbows all the time! Could your problem be stemming from weight on your elbows?

Just a thought!

Life is one long puzzle!!

Thanks everyone for all your advise!

I attended my GP to day who said that I obviously need a specialist to run some more tests, but not sure if my Immunologist is the correct person to deal with the finger jump problem! She is not even sure if he should/should not be treating me now for the Lupus, especially as his aftercare is questionable!

My problem is I was discharged from the local Rheumi (Jan) as he said my list of problems/symtoms were Red Herrings (although I can tick nearly all on the critiera list, with only positive ANA in the bloods though!).

I had to fight for another referal earlier in 2007 with the local PCT (GP supported me), they would only cover cost for a Immunologist refferal (based at same hospital). My bloods beg. Dec 2007 provided evidence of mild SLE apparently. My GP as of today still has not results just a letter stating certain levels are too high or too low. Although issued medication GP or myself have no idea of what form of medication care I need if I am still in a flare due to lack of contact from Immunologist. GP said that as funding for referal to St. Thoms was turned down by PCT she will have to contact the Rheumi that discarged me previously. Who knows whether the Rhuemi will be upset that I was then rediected by PCT to an Immunologist. I just hope they have a good working relationship and that politics will not affect my health anymore than has done already.

I seem to be caught in a loop-hole of politics as well, if its not enough to have problems with diagnoses - has this happend to anyone else in the UK? I have also never had any proffessional explaination of what Lupus is even to this day, which is strange considering I apparently have SLE!

Anyway GP is sending a letter to the Rheumi who discarged me (hoping that she will not tred on anyones toes!!!) in the hope that he will accept reponsibilty of care again! Not sure how this will go down!

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

I'm still staying positve though its getter harder to stay that way!

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