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Migraines and spicy food??

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Hello, just wondered if any of you have suffered from severe migraines after eating spicy food? Has a thai dish a few weeks ago and four hours later was feeling awful, thick headache which then progressed to vomiting and blurred vision.... lasted 24hrs and I took myself to bed which is unlike me, too nosey to banish myself usually! :rotfl: I believe migraine is a common problem for us anyway and my sister has always suffered with them, just wondered if there was a link with spice as the worst I have ever had...?
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There is a link to foods and migraine onsets. The key is to find your food that gets them going and stay away from it unless you want a headache of course. The bad news for me it is never the same food. Imagine that, I am different than most lol. There is also a link to strong smells that can trigger migraines. I did a lot of research on migraines since I just got them at age 14 (I had never even had a headache before that, it does not count when you hit your head right?) and they just got worse with no reason for them. I had every test and they found nothing up there lol. Ok joking aside, I was given caffine pills and sleeping pills and muscle relaxers and anything else that came close to sounding like it might work. Finally I hopped on the net and surfed my way to all kinds of education on migraines. People do strange things to get rid of them too. I had a friend that slept on her porch in the winter with nothing but a blanket, because that was the only was to get rid of them. In the summer she stuck her head in the freezer on kiddin. I hope you feel better soon and don't have to go through this again.
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Hi Claire,
I have battled migraines since I was 5....that is 50 years ago. There is definitely a link in asian/chinese/japanese/thai food and migraines. Many people have to ask that they use NO MSG (monosodiumglutamate) in the food. I am in that group.

I have good results controlling my migraines with neurontin, and when I do get one, I use a toradol IV in the portacath. Without the port, I would have to do an injection. It really does cut back on the pain of the migraine. Talk to your neurologist and see if that would work for you too. I also use singulair and cyproheptadine to control them. In 1996 I had a migraine that lasted 4 1/2 months. It finally was stopped with an inpatient stay on the neurology floor. It took a long time, but we finally have them down to 4 or so a year now.
Good luck,
Hi have been told that if you feel sick after you eat something and get a headache, then you are allergic to it.

Thanks for that everyone, I am sure there was a link as I found the food quite exceptionally hot.. for me! and there may be a link with MSG, for the first time in ages I tried the puds which were very stodgy too. Certainly there is a strong allergy theme in my family, my daughter has been told when tested that she was the most allergic person they had seen!.. mind you the other daughter is the least allergic person they had seen..:).
I am not sure if it would take so long to show if it was an allergy though? I will be ready for the next one though... getting a big freezer.....!! If it becomes a bigger problem will seek help.
thanks again for your input, appreciated.
Claire X
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