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Miscarriage & doctor visit

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O.k So here we go again. I just saw my doctor and he gave me some really bad news.

Firstly, I had a chemical pregnancy (2 weeks pregnant). I have boderline anti philosphilip antibody and boderline for IGG & IGM. My lupus is in complete remision to the point where my rheumy argues that I never even had lupus.

Now my obgyn told me after early miscarriage that the chances that I will have a successful pregnany (live birth) is only 20%.

I know so many women who have had kids so this can't be a true satistic. ALso its cruel to be so blunt about it.

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I would definitely seek out a second opinion from another respected OB-gyn even if you have to travel. Miscarriage is so common, at least 33% of the women I know who have children now had 1 or more prior miscarriages. They were reassured it was probably just a fluke and things would be fine the next time (& it was true just about every time!).

This doctor seems to be jumping to some pretty big conclusions in your case based on not very much. The only thing I can think of is he is incorporating your age into the equation too, but I don't think at 36 that statistic he quoted should be that low even if you do have APS (which it sounds like you actually don't officially have yet).

There are some proactive steps you can take to prepare for the next pregnancy, like seeking out another opinion and asking about going on low dose aspirin in advance to be extra cautious (which is what I did after consulting with my high risk OB-gyn team).

I think you have every reason to be hopeful for the future; one miscarriage that is very early is quite likely to be NOT due to something systematic or likely to cause future problems. Good luck & I hope you can find a better OB-gyn that you can feel more comfortable with...
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Hi Savvy,

What a pessimist your Ob is:(. I would strongly disagree with his stats.

Ok, if you do indeed have APS and never have any treatment/blood thinners, then 20% success is about right. But there is no reason why you shouldn't be treated. With treatment, the chances of success are more like 70%.

I've trawled the internet and professional journals looking for data about how the statistics decrease with succesive miscarriages and increasing age. The data varies a lot, but the absolute most pesimistic statistc is 50% for women with more than 4 miscarriages and age over 40.

You've still got some years ahead of you so don't give up, and I'd be looking for a more optimistic doctor:wink2:. Or else, prove your current doc wrong:p

Dear Savvy, What other people here have told you is right. You have every reason to be hopeful but I do query your Ob's attitude.
x Lola
Thanks again gang!

You know, I always come on here when I feel panicked. I'm actually no that helpful to others but everytime I get comforted I swear I will do :(

You guys keep me going in so many ways, They say when hope dies, a part of you does too. I am hopeful again today.

Question though. IF 70% are successsful with treatment, does that mean even if I miscarry a few more times I could have a successful pregnancy?

Thanks a bunch to all my angels!

Absolutely that is what it means.

Good luck to you for the future and come back and let us know how things go! We make very good Aunties here too. :)
I just wanted to let you know that I have high anticardiolpin antibodies. I had an early miscarriage followed by a 2 healthy pregnancies, I delivered at 35 years old and again at 37 years old. I was on Lovenox, (a low molecular weight heparin) and baby aspirin for both pregnancies.

xxx Scooter
Sometimes I really wonder what type of books these Drs read. Do they ever take into consideration their patients feelings. I had a miscarrage about 4-5 weeks pregnant. I was pregnant 2 1/2 months later and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. He' 22 yrs old now.
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