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Hi and welcome

Hi Vicky,

First welcome to this site.

Reading your story it I could relate to it. I was first dix with MCTD and wasn’t happy with my dix for a long time so my cousin organised an appointment for me in the UK for a 2nd option and it was confirmed that i had LUPUS(something i already knew myself).

Where r u from??

When I went back to my own Rheum’s i had a hard time trying to get them to continue on the treatment that doc in UK wanted to start me on but I have a fantastic GP who believes in me. It gave me back my life i was so glad i stuck to my guns and started on anti-malarials.

What I would say to you in believe you know your body better than anybody else, if you have to go for another option or can you change Rheum’s???

Keep positive,rest when you need it and most important believe that you know your body.

Sending you loads of hugs,
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