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MMF/Cellcept side effects

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I was diagnosed with SLE four years ago and have been taking Methotrexate 25mg injection per week, prednisolone, plaquenil as well as many other meds. The steroids were starting to cause a lot of bad side effects so I was tapered down to a low dose which subsequently flared my Lupus, Sjorgens and Raynauds.

My doctor started me on Cellcept a few weeks ago and I am having serious stomach issues with it. I feel as though I have had a gastric bypass as my stomach is so inflamed and I cannot manage more than a few mouthfulls of food. In the last few days I have also started vomitting, although I feel much better after doing so. I am persisting with the cellcept as I know I have to stop my immune system working overtime.

The nurse who gave me my education before taking cellcept told me I MUST take the cellcept with food. However, I have noticed one or two people on these boards have advised otherwise.

I am also extremely tired with the cellcept and am falling asleep many times during the day.

Any advise would be gratefully received.
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First of all I want to thank you all for the very quick responses which have been such a help.

I spoke to the nurse today who instructed me on how to take cellcept and she said that nowhere does it indicate to take the drug without food. OBVIOUSLY she is covering her back and just sticking to her guns as she also said for me to try taking the drug on an empty stomach and see what happens.

I already tried this before I spoke to her on the strength of your advise. It is a lot more tolerable as I am not being sick, but I am still just having liquidised soup and plenty fluids. My stomach feels very full and uncomfortable.

I am determined to stick with the cellcept as my SLE is in the worst flare it has ever been and I need to get the medication into my system. I am going to try various combinations of times and hope it works.

Once again, thankyou for the responses and any advise on how to ease the stomach upsets while I get used to the cellcept would be very gratefully received.
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