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Hi, Mom and I actually had a nice day out, despite the fact it is raining and some snow:( :snowflake: is expected. First she came and picked me up since my car is still down, :worried: and she took me to the store and to pick up some of my medicine, then we went to the local library because they were having a special sale for literacy. :) (Mom works there) They had books, magazines, videos, dvd's and books on tape for sale. I got six videos and a dvd, I even found a short video about living with Lupus, called the Voices of Lupus, it was short but it was helpful. :rolleyes: I got a comedy, a drama and some travel videos which I seem to be addicted to at this time. One about the Isle Of Man, Bhutan, and some foriegn cities. She also loaned a book tome that I think will be interesting to occupy myself with while I am waiting out this flare.:p Then we went to a local drive in called Fraizer's they have wonderful tenderloin sandwiches and loads of ice cream! :wink2: They've been in business for 50 years and it is a favorite spot to eat when we don't want to sit down in a restaurant. We talked and ate and enjoyed each others comapany, those times come few and far between these days, but I will take each one when it comes along!:excited: So far I've watched two of the videos and when I finish on the computer I am back to watching them. Oh, yesterday I got a suprise phone call from my favorite and only uncle Bob who lives in Georgia. I have not seen him in about twenty years and we talked about life, and his trips that are coming up and caught up, we email often but I've not heard his voice in a long time, It lifted my spirits as I have only fond memories of him.:p Very nice day today, despite some troubling symptoms. Karly
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