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I saw my gp today ..... he's not sure what's going on but said definitely some sort of infection. I'm on Levaquin for a week. When I get back from Oregon I think he's going to order more tests. I have an appointment in late August with the new rheumy. I hope he's good and I hope to get some answers. Breathing hurts. All the time now. Well, I'm going to assume things will get better. It's about the only way I can operate to tell the truth. I guess I'll think about it tomorrow .... "at Tara...." LOL. (That's Scarett O'Hara's response to all hard times in "Gone With the Wind" -- a move I had just about memorized at the age of 13. That sentiment -- think about it tomorrow, in a better place -- has gotten me through a lot of hard times.)

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