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More naughty dogs

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Raglet's wonderful snap of her two dogs reminded me of a story about a pair of boxer pups. Sorry if I repeat myself, but I loved it.

I had always wanted a boxer, but knew it wasn't practical, but my friend knew how I felt about them. I would have loved this pair, despite their habit, but did not have space for two great big dogs.

Anyway ... my friend had a friend who had taken on a pair of boxer pups that were not to be separated because one of them was deaf and followed the other everywhere.

Problems started quickly because the pups were very boisterous and busy, and my friend's mate was very house proud. Eventually she asked my friend if she knew anybody who would take the pups off her hands because she could not cope with them any longer.

My friend immediately thought of me, but first asked her exactly what the problems were.

It turned out they had developed a habit she just could not deal with.

They would bolt into the garden as soon as she let them out and return with snails which they deposited on the kitchen floor. Whilst the dogs continued to rush in and out snail hunting and depositing, some of the snails fast enough would start to make their way up the kitchen cupboards, table legs, etc. :eek:

They would do this until they could find no more, then race back to the kitchen knocking everything flying and bouncing off one another, then tuck into them with great gusto, loudly crunching and allowing slaver, bits of shell and slime to fly around the kitchen ... :rotfl:

How sweet is that?:hehe:
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She should rent them out to people wanting to rid their gardens of those snails and slugs! :) *laughs*
wow, at a habit for a couple of pups to pick up ! I love the idea of the deaf one following the other one around. Sounds like they were having a bundle of fun.

They need to find a home with a keen gardner and then be taught to deposit the snails someplace else - could be quite handy.

I found a blind dog a lot easier to deal with than a deaf dog - when my old dog went blind (old age) she could still find us in the park by using her hearing, but when she went deaf it was a night mare and she has to put her on a leash else she would loose us all together. Nothing more frustrating than chasing a dog through the park who was running at full throttle looking for us - poor old thing, she was 15 when she died.

thanks for the laugh - I am wondering if those pups were french with their taste for snails

bleuck!reminds me why I prefer cats!In saying that,went into our shed the other day,spotted a pile of corn on the floor.....strange,I thought,..until I noticed the pidgeon's head lying next to it! hmmm!cats or dogs?tough choice:hehe:
I thought they were clever, and if I had my current garden, I would have snapped them up. At the time I had a bit of garden about the size of a coffin, so was not allowed a dog.

I am still not allowed dogs, so like to hear about others.

I now have a lovely little cat though, so all is well. As to corn and pidgeon's heads ... I do hope I don't get that. She has not been outside for long yet because she has not been neutered. Happening in the next couple of weeks. She wears a bell, but I don't suppose I can hope she'll catch mice, but not birds.

She caught a blue tit that flew into the kitchen a few weeks ago, but we managed to prize it out of her mouth and release it. It flew like a rocket and she was so angry when I was tryin to get it off her she growled at me, the toad!
I Used to have a German Sheperd years ago, my daughter had a pet rat that died so we had to bury it in the garden, Emma was only 7 at the time and it was her first pet that had died and she was very upset, just imagin my horror when I turned round after managing to calm Emma down to find my dog had dug it up the rat and presented it at Emmas feet, poor kid had nightmares for weeks, me, I couldn't stop laughing which went down like a ton of bricks lol
That would be great to see. I would like to borrow them to rid my yard of snails and slugs!!

Ewwww alwin..I think I would have fainted :lol:

my dear daughters would have found it hilarious though :hehe:
thanks for sharing
take care..karen x
Had to share this with you.
It was told to me as a true story and whether it is or not I had to laugh.:lol:

The friend of a friend had a python that was free to wander around the house.
It eventually took to sleeping on the end of her bed.
Over a few days she began to get worried that the snake wasn't eating and wondered if it was ill. Then one night she woke up and the snake was laying straight out beside her in a line.

she became concerned and phoned the reptile house at the london zoo.
The reply was : -
The snake wasn't eating because it was preparing for it's next meal. It was stretching out beside her to see if she would fit inside it. Yes you guessed she was to be its next meal.:eek:
Needless to say she doesn't have the snake anymore.

Oooh that's creepy! I'm not sure why anyone in there right mind would have a Phython as a pet, but to let it roam freely in their home they must have been mad.

I have a SEVERE phobia when it comes to reptiles and I know why now-EEEEWWWWWWW:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: That is absolutely repulsive!!!

We had a neighbor who had a python as a pet and she lived 2 houses down and let me tell you it was not far enough. I was just told that her snake had gotten out and had literally squeezed the life out of our cat. Our cat survived for only about a day after and I was not told at the time what had caused her internal bleeding. :( We don't live there any longer and my family now decided it was safe to tell me what really happened.

Another gross story was on the news. Apparently in Bronx, New York a lady went to go potty and long and behold there was a snake in the toilet.
I believe it was a boa or a python, but can you imagine:eek: Going potty would never be the same again;)

Thank you all so much for the lovely topic of my favorite phobia:lol:

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Big sis! Big sis!

Wadaya doin'???

You've so freaked me out! Lying by her side ... sizing her up .... eeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuwwwwww!!!!!

I am sooo glad we live in the safe old UK!

pink floyd, huh?

I was never a fan, but 'Comfortably Numb' is probably the most insightful song about mental illness I have ever heard.

When ever I catch it, or somebody plays it, I stop still and strain to hear every word. The portion you have typed is the bit that grabbed me the first time I heard it. It beggars belief how talented some people can be.

Thanks for reminding me about that song. It could be on either loopy lou or raglets 'poems' thread really. Can't remember who it is that started a thread about poems.

Any chance of somebody sticking it on there?

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:eek: :eek:hno: Oh, my the snail story was funny, although I do hope that my new pup Keegan does NOT pick up that habit. And though it may seem weird, I do enjoy snakes, but I would never keep a big one, let alone one that was sizing me up for dinner. Warning icky story following:eek: I watched a National Geographic story that had a reticulated python that almost ate a man, killed him for sure, the only thing that saved him from being swallowed was the fact that he lay on his stomach and the snake's jaws couldn't accomidate his body, had he been on his side, he would have been dinner.:scaredy:
Even though I am intrigued by snakes, for some unexplainable reason I am deathly afraid of photos, tv spots, and actually seeing a Gabon viper. If I see a photo or see one on tv, I start to shake, and feel sick. If there is reincarnation, I wonder if I was killed by one of these snakes.:scaredy: :afraid: :scare: Normally I am interested in all reptiles. Yep, i am kind of weird.:wink2: Karly
Just saw on television

:eek: Just saw on tv that from Florida to southern California there are lots of boa constrictors and pythons living in the wild, discarded as former pets! They are doing very well in the wild due to their divers diet. Don't want one of them sizing me up.......
Ewwwwww snails and pythons!

I have my share of snails around here but live in a country area surrounded by bush, so we have lots of natural predators of a lot of things. When I went into chat more regularly I often had stories of daily happenings around here :lol:

We have a native marsupial which eats lots of our snails and blue tongued lizards which do the same. Both harmless and as long as they stay outside I'm happy. They have ventured in at times and I was not a happy camper :eek:
The native marsupial is called an Antechinis and looks a bit like a rat or a tiny bandicoot. One winter I hadnt seen him inside but it was obvious he had been here, they dont actually eat the snail shells they just eat the snail. There in front of the fire was a nice neat pile of snail shells on the hearth :lol: Escargot by the warmth of my fire whilst I was sleeping!!

The one time I did see him he got too close for comfort. He climbed up my pj's - yes you read that right whilst I was sitting at the computer. Before that I had seen something out of the corner of my eye jumping all over the place but just figured I hadnt had enough coffee yet and ignored it. By the time he got to my neck I realised this was for real and I flung him on the floor :eek: I've not sighted him in the house again, but I have seen evidence of them around again, so once winter comes I will be on the lookout. Apparently it was mating season I later found out from my research - he better pick on someone his own size next time :lol:

The lizard ventured in one day and my daughter and I were fighting for a chair to stand on :rotfl: I eventually coaxed him back out where he belongs but it took some time and he thought my bedroom looked a bit of alright.

We have plenty of snakes here but they usually stay right away from the house as long as our grass is short. I've had to kill a few that got too close, shhhhhhhh don't tell the National parks and wildlife people that, but by the time they got here to rescue them the snakes would have been long gone :p Besides if it comes down to me and a snake then I'm not taking any chances if they get too comfy in my territory!

Thankfully no pythons, they seem disgusting creatures! I do know some people who keep them and let's just say I wouldnt visit or stay over at their house :rotfl:

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