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Had to share this with you.
It was told to me as a true story and whether it is or not I had to laugh.:lol:

The friend of a friend had a python that was free to wander around the house.
It eventually took to sleeping on the end of her bed.
Over a few days she began to get worried that the snake wasn't eating and wondered if it was ill. Then one night she woke up and the snake was laying straight out beside her in a line.

she became concerned and phoned the reptile house at the london zoo.
The reply was : -
The snake wasn't eating because it was preparing for it's next meal. It was stretching out beside her to see if she would fit inside it. Yes you guessed she was to be its next meal.:eek:
Needless to say she doesn't have the snake anymore.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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