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wow, at a habit for a couple of pups to pick up ! I love the idea of the deaf one following the other one around. Sounds like they were having a bundle of fun.

They need to find a home with a keen gardner and then be taught to deposit the snails someplace else - could be quite handy.

I found a blind dog a lot easier to deal with than a deaf dog - when my old dog went blind (old age) she could still find us in the park by using her hearing, but when she went deaf it was a night mare and she has to put her on a leash else she would loose us all together. Nothing more frustrating than chasing a dog through the park who was running at full throttle looking for us - poor old thing, she was 15 when she died.

thanks for the laugh - I am wondering if those pups were french with their taste for snails

1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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