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Hey there,

I'm sorry to hear you've been so unwell lately... :(

Pred is awful on the bones, unfortunately both the iv and the oral stuff... A dexa scan sounds like a good idea and as far as the ice-cream for calcium idea goes I think it's brilliant!! In fact I went out and got a big tub of strawberry/chocolate/tiramisu ice-cream this morning and will spend the weekend eating it...!!! :lol:

Are you on any calcium supplements or on any other meds for osteoporosis (like fosamax)? If not then you might want to discuss the possibility of meds for osteoporosis prevention with your doc at some point! On a positive note though, between last May and this one I've had three day iv steroid infusions 14 times so far (not counting the one gram infusions or er pred infusions I've had and they're quite a lot too!). That's about 42 grams of pred; so much that I was at some point wondering whether pure iv steroids would flow in my veins from now on instead of blood :p and yet my bones are as strong as ever!! I think I went on fosamax and calcium supplements after the first 20 grams; so it's really never too late to start thinking about protecting your bones from osteoporosis...!

I hope the weather improves soon and that the iv pred you got helps you feel a little bit better :thumbs: :fingers: . Sending loads of hugs your way :grouphug2: :grhug:



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Hi Fran

get the bone density scan, it is the only way to know for sure. In theory you should be fine if you have only had short bursts of pred plus iv pulses, but who knows, it depends on what your bones were like in the first place.

I was lucky enough to start life with excellent bones, but still I did loose bone, and by the time I got down to 'average' on my bone scans then I was put on bone protection and my bone loss has stabilised. But then, I have been on very long term pred plus had many many pulses of iv methylpred.

We are just all so different in the bone department - it is a really good idea to get a baseline scan done.

Hope the rituxan kicks in soon and you feel better again


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