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More stomach woes (meds related)

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I have been really struggling with my tummy - tolerating all those meds I swallow is really hard. I have been on solox 60mg, zantac 600mg and maxolon 30mg daily, and still feel like throwing up on a regular basis (also prickly tummy pain). I have previously been on losec 80mg per day, so they have given me very high doses of meds to control this.

Well I had another appointment today - seems like my red blood counts are drifting downwards over the months, so they are wondering if I am bleeding somewhere. I have to have more tests to check, plus a gastroscopy, which they want me to have even if I am feeling better. I got switched onto another proton pump inhibitor - fingers crossed that will work, plus I have been hauled off a bunch of meds (calcium of all things, plus my plaq has been halved, I am already off my antidepressant that makes my tummy feel ick, plus something else I have to stop taking that I have forgotten - oops!)

I suspect prednisone is contributing, but I doubt that I can get off that (been on it continuously for over 15 years) and of course i have to take my AED's and my warfarin. But apart from that it can all go for all I care as I feel really concerned about my stomach. It really shouldn't be this painful given all the meds I am on to protect it plus I have been off effexor for a month. Usually if I stop taking effexor my tummy bounces back, this time it hasn't.

So now I am waiting referral to three more hospital clinics - physiotherapy for assessment for different type of walker, ENT to have my vocal folds looked at, plus now GI clinic - oops, I forgot about neurophysiology, I've waiting for a eeg. Oh, and tonight a big chunk of tooth broke off - a couple of years ago my dentist told me to start saving up for a cap for that tooth so I can't say it was totally unexpected.

thanks for listening

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Oh flipping heck Raglet. It just doesn't seem to get any better for you, does it?

I was feeling sorry for myself just over a few aches and pains, a bit of kn---eredness and not liking the way I look, for goodness sake. :rolleyes:

I don't know what to say about your stomach except you are usually so on the ball with what's happening to your body I am sure you are right - needs proper checking out.

I'm glad it is on the agenda, but sorry you are having to go through it. I don't think there is much worse than your stomach playing up when you are rough anyway. It just beggars belief.

I am very cross now. I know you had a bit of prior warning about the tooth, but it could have waited a bit if you ask me.

I am hoping ... in a very demanding way ... that everything gets as sorted out as it can do as fast as possible for you.

Fat loves :love:
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Yikes Raglet!

When it rains it really does pour doesn't it. That stomach thing sounds pretty serious. I hope that they can find out what it is fast and especialy that they can do something.

hugs :hug:
Hi Raglet,

Could it be a bleeding ulcer? My mother-in-law had pain for the longest time, but ignored it because she was on meds to help her stomach. When she passed out from the blood loss they found she had bleeding uclers.

What type of new walker are they talking about? The company that makes mine has come out with one that is a walker and converts into a transport chair. It is super expensive so I will be staying with mine.

One of my friends has ALS. She is going to be having botox for her vocal cords. Others she spoke with at her support group have had good results with it.

The best of luck with all your appointments.

Take care,
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I am likely getting a reverse walker. It wraps around behind you, and is good for postural control which is what I need for my truncal ataxia. It looks like this

I think it is mainly used with children who are learning to walk, but as I seem to be unlearning to walk hahaha I think it could be really useful.

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Poor Raglet,
You have certainly been through more than enough recently.
I prya things will improve, and quickly!

Im very sorry to hear about your stomach problems but at some level its not surprising with the amount of meds you have been on over the years.

I sure hope something can be worked out and that the halving of the Plaquenil doesnt send you into a flare.

Let us know how you are. Fingers crossed for you.

Luv n stuff

Where is the rear view mirror?

I actually saw a young boy with one at the football game last weekend. I thought he was just playing around going backwards. I hope they can find one that works for you.

Take care,
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