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I don't know what the anti SL test is either but I seem to remember having already answered a similar post and asked same question. It seems to be something to do with tuberculosis or HIV/AIDS.


I answered on the first thread duh

I think you should find a rheumatologist who knows about lupus and APS.
The US Antiphospholipid Syndrome association has a list of Lupus specialists recommended by its members. The ACR has a similar list on its website.
I suppose your INR is regularly tested?
I don't know what the anti SL test is but it should be easy to find out what tests are influenced by being on Coumadin. If a doctor or pharmacist doesn't know then the manufacturers should. I have an idea that the "Lupus anti coagulant" clotting tests can't be done on Coumadin but I don't know about the anti cardiolipin testing.

APS can have a number of similar symptoms to SLE and of course to MS.
If MS remains suspect then its best to see an MS specialist.
The presence of LA and or anticardiolipins can be a criterion for a diagnosis of lupus regardless of ANA ditto high SED rate & low white blood cells.

As far as I know raised CPR isn't regarded as significant in lupus except as an indication of infection causing flares. I don't know anything much about diagnosing cardiac /atherosclerosis problems

That ANA titre isn't significant but if lupus is highly suspect I think many doctors would proceed with other lupus and connective tissue disease tests because the ANA isn't always raised or even present.

It is well worthwhile getting the most expert opinion you possibly can even if it means the trouble and expense of travelling some distance.
There are limits to what one can conclude oneself even if one is medically well informed. This is a highly complex disease

Best of Luck!
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