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:eek:verhere: :2cents: :2cents: :2cents: Once again Mother's Day is coming and I find myself short of a whole lot of extra cash, as is my usual condition....;) I was trying to think of something unusual, or helpful to get my mom this year. She doesn't like plants, or stationary, or perfume etc. But she does like to go out to eat, maybe some restaurant gift cards or something like that. Most of then time she says get me a card, but I would like to put a little into it since she helped me with my car three times this year already. Any unique ideas? It's not that she's all that hard to pleas it's that she doesn't collect ANYTHING or like knick knacks. Photos of the girls are about it. I've overloaded her with frames etc. but maybe there is something somewone could suggest?:help: :help:
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