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Hi Netty,

I do break out with batches of cold sores. Often, it is a prelude to a flare, in my case. I have had breakouts with coldsores, on my lips around my mouth, and under my nose, since my teen years. It is from the Herpes virus, and is very contagious. My mother had them, and assume that is were I was introduced to the virus.

Changing towels often (hand towels) will help keep the virus from spreading to other family members.

I also, get the lupus related mucosal sores in my nose and in my mouth. Those are different that the cold sores you are referring too.

It's just my opinion, but yes, I believe getting the cold sores, is an indicator our immune system is going wacky..

I am sorry, you suffer with these painful sores. I know they itch first, and then, hurt.

You can buy Abreva here in the States, which shortens the time of outbreak in half. Also, you could have your dr. prescribe Zovirex cream, which does the same...and works very well.

I hope they clear up fast for you..Best wishes.

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