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Mouth Sores

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Can mouth sores be on your tongue? That may sound like a dumb question, but I always considered mouths sores anywhere but the tongue.

When I was in the hospital about a month ago, I got a bunch of sores on my tongue. Some were like little pimples, but there were some bigger sores as well. The doctor gave me a rinse to use, but I still have 1 big sore at the end of my tongue for the past month.

If it is a mouth sore, do you have any suggestions on how to get rid of it?


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I get those often. In fact, most of my mouth sores occur on my tongue. I usually avoid salt as much as possible and rinse often. I'm not sure if that helps or not. Take care!

Hi Nutty

I get blister type sores on my tongue as well. Lupus related mouth sores can be found anywhere in the mouth, including the tongue. I find that the ones I get on my tongue are quite painful whereas the ones I get on other parts of my mouth tend to be either painless or only cause mild discomfort.

Right now I have two little white beggars underneath my tongue and this morning is the first time in well over a week that they seem to be receding! Fingers crossed! They can be an absolute nuisance to get rid of.

I use Bonjela a lot just to help with the stinging and also rinse my mouth in a warm water and salt solution regularly. I also have Difflam Spray which I can use and which helps numb the mouth. You can use this quite regularly throughout the day and it helps ease the pain. Im sure you know to avoid spicy foods as well.

If that sore is lasting for about a month maybe you should ask your doctor is there anything stronger you can use to try and clear it up?

Let us know how you get on.

Take good care
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Hi Nutty, So sorry that you are having mouth sores, aren't they just awful?
I very rarely get one on my tongue, most of mine are somewhere inside my mouth.
The thing that works best for me, is, I garggle with warm salt water. It is
a pain in the butt, but I try to do it every hour, and it works. I do hope that
you get better very soon. Smile.
Man do those tongue sores hurt! I feel they hurt more than the others inside my mouth. Mine appear as small white pimples too. It makes my tongue feel like it is sandpaper. If I get too many I have a hard time swallowing because of the pressure on my tongue from the roof of my mouth.
The last time I had this (a month ago) my doctor prescribed the "magic mouthwash". It's got a combination of a lot of medications and is used to numb and treat the sores. The problem is that you have to use it quite often. A little trick is with some insurance companies they will not cover it because it contains one over the counter medication (Malox). If you ask your doctor to place on the prescription to not put that in, it will be covered on most insurances. Just something that I came up with. My doctor did it for me and then gave me the amount of malox to put in.
I just hope that you don't get them as much as I have lately (4 times this year). They last up to 3 weeks per episode. We are starting to try to use steroids when these happen to so we can see if that helps make it less tramatic for me.
Good luck! I hope that my experiences help you.
AKA: isavelives
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Thanks everyone,

Like I said, I wasn't sure if my question was off the wall or not. Now I know. I know the Rheumy noted it in the chart when I mentioned it. So, I thought maybe it was pertinent.

It has been close to two month and the one sore will not go away...right on the tip of my tongue too!

Hopefully it will go away soon.

Thanks again.

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Hey Nutty,

Sorry to hear about your mouth sores; those tongues ones can hurt quite a bit...!

I put this gel called unisept on tongue sores when I get them, it's an antiseptic gel and then something called aptha gel that numbs the area! Makes it much easier to eat and drink! :)

Two months is a long time... Hope they go away very soon!

Thanks Zoi. I'll have to see if we can get that here in Canada. I don't think I've seen it before, but there are so many things that you have to ask the pharmcay for that they keep behind the counter.

I agree two months is too long.

Hi Nutty,

I have found Anbesol liquid the best for mouth sores,you can buy it over the counter here in the UK,it wont heal them quicker but numbs them enough to let you eat without being in agony!

Bonnie x
Thanks for the tip Bonnie. That I know I can buy here for sure.

Hi nutty.

Sorry to hear about your mouth sores. I also suffer from mouth ulcers quite often. When i am in a flar i get them on my troat aswel which is extremely painful. I buy a mouthwash called oraldene in the uk which tends to help quite alot. however, my rheumy said if i ever get them really really bad again them could give me a steriod spray for my throat or a mouthwash for the rest of my mouth.

I hope they go away soon!!

Lots of love x x x
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