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I have been posting generally about a rash I have. Now I have a dry mouth either side but still have salivia.
The sides feel cotton wooly and there are red patches of rash and the skin is crinkly. It is also getting sore when I try to eat.
I couldnt get an answer from my GP today but will make an appointment on Wednesday.

Im just wondering if the mouth symptoms ring a bell with anyone so I have food for thought.

hen i wake up my mouth is completely dry.

I feel my health and well being has gone down a few notches and my chest feels achy.

I cant wait to see the doctor re all the rashes I have on my hands and feet. My hands really are ugly, people actually retract in horror when they see them.!.

I am really worried and just wonder if the mouth symptoms ring any bells.

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Dry mouth and dry eyes are often signs of Sjogren's Syndrome, another autoimmune disease. Many people with lupus, including myself, have both. You need to talk to your doctor about this new development. There are things that can be done to help you feel better.
picture of hands

Hope this works...

its a deep reddish purple in real life and I have same on feet and now in my mouth.

Depending on the angle of my lap top it generally 'bleaches' if you do not get it right. Im not sure how it will view on other computers.

Tomorrow I actually get to see a doctor ( long story) and find out what it is.

Im betting it lichen planus..

here is the link
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Hi Nicky,

I just wanted to wish you luck with your appointment tomorrow. Let us know how it goes. It does look similar to the photos I saw of lichen planus, but I am no expert.

Take care,
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