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MRI on tuesday

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Hi all,

Well i got my exrays, now for the MRI for the true picture of my bones,aches and pains. My neck still hurts and gives me headaches. Although i got my TMJ applicance it's to soon to do anything. I am having problems with my vertebre c6-7. The exray showed some arthrithis and spur. I feel that maybe with the MRI it will give deeper details if anything is wrong. My lower back and hips keep going out of place and cause great pain of tears.

I do hope this test will give me some final answers to why i get so crippled. It's so scary to go through. I am sure you all know what it's like for many of you have gone through or are going through yourself's.

I will let you know the outcome of these tests. There are two. Each test is an hour so i will be 2hrs with this procedure. This is not the MRI that you are closed in. This is a new one that our hospital has recently got and spoke of it in this sunday's newspaper,also showed a picture of this machine. It says it's faster and etc. Wish me luck. :luck:
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I hope the MRI goes smoothly for you Florie. If you can try to drift off to sleep. You might also want to bring some music to listen to since you will be in there for awhile.

Take care,
Hello Florie, Wishing you all the best and hope the tests provide some good clues.
x Lola
Thank you :thanx: all for wishing me luck with my MRI.

Yes i do hope I get some clues to all this nonsense.
Any news yet?? wishing you lots of luck hun xxx

Sorry to disappoint all of you. But i cancelled the MRI for today.
To much going on here and I just couldn't see getting anxiety with no one with me. My fiance had to work a long day today.

But i am feeling better with my back. It's my neck that it starts at. If nothing bad showed in the other exrays than i will just leave it at that.

I am not sure if you have ever had an mri, but it did help for me to have a wash rag over my face as it is very close quarters in there. I thought the tech was crazy when they did this for me but it did help a lot. I was able to relax more and focus on something else besides the test. I am not sure if this will help you but it has helped one of my friends by putting a heating pad on the area that hurts. It helped to get rid of her headaches and easy the pain that was being caused by the bone spurs in the neck. It is worth a try right. I hope you start to feel better soon and find some answers for some relief soon. Let us know how things turn out with you test please.
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