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My absence...

714 Views 19 Replies 17 Participants Last post by  Sage Hen due to the massive flooding occurring in my area in Iowa. I have lost internet service at home for almost 4 days now and there is no estimated time until it is fixed. We occasionally lose power and cable too so it has been very interesting existence these last several days. There is an awful stench in the area from over-run sewer systems coming up and blowing manholes off and running into the streets. It truly is a terrible thing, and this is a 500 hundred year flood. This kind of flooding has never been seen before.

I have come into my husbands office today to get a quick note out to all my friends here to let them know that my house is OK and not flooded, but this is still impacting us in many ways. I can only come here and post on the weekends until my internet from home is working again due to nearly all bridges over the river being flooded and an insanely long commute to my husband's workplace.

I hope I get internet service back soon - I miss you all so much!

Take care everyone...
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Oh dear Maia :sad:

You are all having a terrible time of things with that appalling weather. Im so glad your house is not flooded though. Thanks for letting us know you are okay.

I had one flood in my house several years ago and I absolutely dread to see heavy rain coming down ever since.

I hope things get back to some normality soon for you all. It will take a long time to recover from such devastating flooding in your area though. Its very worrying :worried:

Much love and stay safe.
I'm gald to hear your house is OK and I hope it stays that way!

Hopefully things will be back to normal soon for you and everyone else affected by this,

hugs :hug:

I'm so sorry to hear about the flooding :sad: what an awful worry!

I am so pleased your house has escaped the effects of the flooding so far and I pray it stays that way!

best of luck to you, we will keep our fingers crossed for you :luck: :fingers:

And we will miss you too maia!! we always appreciate your helpful, wise words and your kindness!
take good care :hug:
love karen x
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Dear Maia

I am so sorry to hear you are having to deal with so much stress and sure hoping for everyone in iowa that things get better real soon.We here in Illinois are also expierencing some pretty bad flooding also but not me directly either.I sure hope for everyones sake the rain stops for two weeks or better.I am so glad you let us know how you are doing and hoping you can take care of yourself with everything you are going through.Just a few ((((hugs))))to ytou to help you get through your stress.


What a time the whole state of Iowa is having.:( We have 99 counties in the state of Iowa and 83 have been declared disaster areas.

We get the heavy rains here in northern Iowa and eventually the water comes to you.:( Since May 29, we have gotten 11 inches of rain so far.:eek:

Mason City was without drinking water for 4 days! All the restaurants were closed down because of lack of water. :(

Between the rain, flood and all the tornado's we are having it has been very miserable to say the least. The last tornado took 4 lives.

Please take care and I know you must be limiting your water too. I am happy that you and your family are ok and your home is ok. Many have lost their homes in this bad weather we are having.

I have been thinking of you and your family. :grouphug2:
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I saw this on my local news and it is just horrible.

Take care of yourself and get back when you can.

I hope you will be ok.:wink2:
maia, im so glad that you and your family is safe from these horrible floods including your home.

i hope everything gets back to normal for you soon. we miss you, wishing you well, lydia.

I am so glad your home is ok. I have been worrying about you and keebler. I am glad to hear that both you are ok and your homes are still intact. I will keep praying on my end.

Take care,
Good luck Maia to you and your family.

Take care we miss you
Maia, I am relieved to hear you are doing o.k.. The stuff I am seeing on the news is horrible. I had the opportunity to speak to some Red Cross volunteers who are getting ready to go to Iowa in the next few days. They were wonderful here. Stay safe:hug:

We are seeing some pretty devastating pics here on the news about the floods. I am glad that you and your family and house are ok, and safe and dry.

We miss you :( so hurry back :) :rose:

Hi Maia,
Just to say i hope you don't get flooded out. Sorry you are offline.

Good luck and stay safe


Hello again! So glad to be back! :) It was close to one week without internet and so hard to get through. The river is very slowly going down here, and thankfully the interstates are open again but many local roads are still closed making commuting to work for my husband a bit of a nightmare.

The flooding really leaves you in awe, especially what you see in person. I certainly hope this is a once in a lifetime experience. It sounds like this will likely impact many people in the US and even out of the US due to Iowa losing about 10% of it's corn crop. Hundreds of people here have lost their homes AND their jobs due to flooding. I really feel for them.
Hello Maia !
It's good to see you back and I am glad some sort of normalcy is being restored. I am sure the repercussions are widespread and will be felt for a very long time :( For some it will mean ruin too.

Dear Maia

I am sure glad you did get your internet back and sure hope for everyones sake in illinois Iowa and missouri the rains stop for at least three weeks or so.It is really bad here also with the floodning.It is the worse it has ever been.The ones that have been taken out of there houses are having to live in a local high school:sad:.It does make you step back and wonder if it was you but way to hard to ever imagine it.Besides taking up collections for the people here that have no home to go back to we are also taking up collection for the Iowa people also.My thoughts are with everyone that has been effected by the flooding one way or another((((((((hugs))))))).

My heart goes out to you and Lyn and I am so glad you are okay.
My love,
Good to have you back Maia :)

It's just devastating and the repercussions will be felt for a long time. I am glad that you and yours are ok :hug:

Take Care all Iawons

Hi Maia
thank you for sharing what is happening with so many of your fellow statesman, and that you were offline for a week.

We are all so glad to see you back again, and that all will be well eventually.
It's just 4 months since parts of my city were flooded (my daughter too), and thank heavens here, many are returning to their homes, and getting some relief-funds or insurance at last.

So relieved to hear your safe, from the terrible flooding in your state. I hope you continue, to stay safe. and that the flooding stops soon.

The sewage smell, must be awful.

Thank You, for letting us know..that your o.k, with everything you have on your plate..right now, Maia.

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