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Kudos to you!!!!

The best way to find someone truly wonderful is to be sure you don't want anyone!!

That's what happened to me after a long painful drawn out marriage and divorce. It took me a good while to feel good and I did. I felt wonderful ON MY OWN and then, of course, I kind of bumped into the man who has since become my husband and he has far outlived any expectations anyone could ever have.
He didn't know I had lupus when we met because I didn't. I actually came out of remission 2 months after we met (nope, defintiely not his fault :lol: ). He has been wonderful, taken everything in his stride, held me when needed, talked when needed. Calmly driven me to A&E at 2 am (I knew he'd have killed me if I'd not woken him up.
And, in between all that, we have had a huge amount of fun and lived life to the full!!!

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