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My Answer to Relationships and Lupus

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Is to swear off men! At least for this year! lol (That was my new year's resolution... to remain single this year!)

I'm about to be 28, and I'm so tired of all these "men" not knowing how to deal or even understand what I'm going through... I'm not asking for much.... but they expect so much of me that I cant do/provide.

I had a great relationship...the only guy I ever thought I would want to spend my life with.... after five years... left me at my lowest point of my life. (Think I called him when I was at the doctors saying I didnt feel well... then I had to be rushed to the ER from the doctor's office...and because they thought I was having a heart attack, they would not allow me to use my phone because of all the heart monitors and machine.... then when I finally get a hold of him the next day.. he calls me an 'effing liar." Sweet eh?)

Since then I jumped from relationships to relationships... never truly happy... and maybe now I'm starting to think and believe I have to deal with this myself and accept myself totally before getting into any more relationships?

I HATE MEN.... :lol:
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Bethany, thank goodness that jerk revealed the depth of his jerkdom before you married him. I think you're very smart to take time to find out who you are and what you want, and to discover that you are strong and that you can handle life. As everyone has said, this is bound to make you irresistible to men. :rotfl::lol: That's ok. The men who are attracted to independent, strong women make much better partners than those who expect .... well I'm not sure what they expect. But any man who calls you a (deleted) liar is a few cards short of a healthy deck.

Remember, before anybody can love the real you, YOU have to love the real you. Not very poetic I think, but the idea is there somewhere.

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