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I don't know how I missed your post before today. There is a post at the top of this forum where I try and explain the Cobra and Hippa laws. Your cobra will extend to 29 months since your qualifying event is disability. 29 months is the length of time it takes for Medicare to start from the initial disability date. Cal-Cobra is for employees of small companies in the state of California, firms with 2-19 people, as they are not covered under Federal Cobra law.

I hope you have been collecting State Disability for the past 10 months. That will only run for 12 months but it is tax free income.

If you reach the point that you still are not receiving SSDI at the end of Cobra you can purchase HIPPA Insurance it isn;t cheap but you have 63 days from the end of Cobra to purchase the insurance.

Hopefully your appeals process will be finished before you reach that point. You can order refills on prescriptions up to 7 days early on a monthly prescription and 2-3 weeks early on 90 day fills. You can finagle this to increase your meds on hand for any change over. I do this with my Medicare part D as I go into Catastrophic coverage each year and the early part of each year the meds are expensive for me so I stock-pile the brand name meds to try and stretch out the finacial pain a little.

I hope this all makes sense. Please feel free to keep asking questions.

Hang in there,
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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