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my grandmother...

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My grandmother, who is in her late 60's, has had lupus from as far back as I can remember. I would like to raise money for the lupus foundation, in her memory, when she is gone, as she doesn't have very long left, but I do not know how to go about this. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would be so grateful.
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In the US one of the easiest ways to do this is to arrange it with the funeral home and ask for Donations to Lupus Foundation rather than flowers.

If you want to go beyond that I would recommend you contact the Lupus Foundation and ask what you can do to help.
Most places of this type are more then happy tp except any help that is offered and have a list of ways that you can do it.
This may include sending you donation forms that you can mail to your nieghbors and friends asking for a donation.
Many places like to get this because it is easier for someone to toss out and ignore a request for help from a place like this then it is from a nieghbor or friend.
Not only that but doing it this way the orginazation is only spending on envelopes and mail to one person rather than the ten or so they normally ask a person to send to.

If you want to organize a fund raising effort tell them and many places will send you information on how to do it and how to protect yourself legally so no one thinks you are collecting for you rather than for the organazation.
many people have done this over the years with cancer and other causes so the athorities are now more suspicious of any such fund raising. It is easy for them to contact an organazation and ask if they are aware of the efforts and the use of there name. If not a person can become intangled in legal problems proving that they are not doing this.
Most organazations today have Registration forms for such efforts and can instruct a person on ways to protect them self like insuring that anyone who donates makes the check out to them rather than the person that is doing the collection and you just pass the check along.
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