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My Hair Is Growing Back..!

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Hi Friends,

I have some good news, to share. I have new baby hairs..growing all around my face. :lol:

Mostly, my, I have bangs growing under, my bangs!...:lol: I have some growing around my temple area too. It is about one inch long.

I don't know, why it took me so long, to notice it..:)

Yeh! CellCept..:)

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I'm very happy for you!

Hairloss is such a big worry for everyone!

What are 'bangs'?

Love and hugs!

That is really good news Sandy! I am so glad the Cellcept is working for you.

'Bangs' are what we call a 'fringe'.

Many hugs
:woohoo:Sandy :)
I am happy that CellCept is helping you and your hair is growing back.

:bigsmile: awwwwww can we still call you spike for a while yet ;):lol:

Great news Sandy :thumbs:

Hey Sandy,

I'm very glad you are getting your hair back. I lost some of my hair (in patches) four years ago and I know the feeling of touching this "baby hair", it's great.

Big hug,

Yay!!! That's a wonderful development! I lost about a third of my hair when I first was diagnosed. When it started coming back I was so relieved. Before that, my hairline was .... um, high and getting dry. And my part was extremely wide. I know how wonderful it feels to get that hair back. Good for you, and I just know it will continue growing.

Happy to hear your good news,
Clare.T;515557 said:
'Bangs' are what we call a 'fringe'.:)Clare
(((thanks))) Clare!

I grew up calling what English people call a 'hair parting' as a 'shed' -soon had to change to the English version due to teasing.

I will (((try))) to remember what a Bang is for future reference!

That's great news sandy! :dancing: :hug:

I'm so pleased for you! hair loss is one sympton that I've been fortunate enough not to experience so I can only imagine how distressing it must be :sad:
I hope your hair continues to grow now, which I'm sure it will :)
love karen x
When I lost my hair it grew back bright red :p (i'd had chestnut brown hair before) is the new hair the same color?
Hi friends,

Thanks, for celebrating with me. :)

My baby hair, is the same color as my other hair.., even has the same grey in it..ha:lol::lol:

Lily, I laughed...yes, you can call me spike.:rotfl::rotfl:

It is amazing..the effects that these meds have. I wish, I understood better, the science of how, it all works. I, the med, helps us grow our hair back. It is all, so fascinating.

Thanks, again,

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