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My Hands

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Hi Ladies I am going to do something very brave and show you all sme images of my hands to see what yu make of them.

These images where taken about 2mths ago but hands are pretty much the same they do chnge colour.
I know i have ray auds so they go very white nd purple too, they are somtimes actually more puffy than this aswell.

Just thought i would see what comments i get.



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Not sure if its my screen, but the pics are not clear so I cant really see the rashes etc.

My hands get very swollen in heat plus a rash that I have gets more prominent _ I to have Raynauds - Immunologist says that my hands swelling are unlikely to be the Raynauds though!

If I ever get a proper diagnoses I will post!


PS - See my post for Porphyrin - another test to try to get to bottom of rahes and swellings other than the fact that I do have SLE!
It was more the colour i was referring too, there are not rshes on them!!!
They do look like my hands though!
Oh good atleast i'm not alone and neither are you!!!!

:lol: :rotfl: :lol:
I notice your wrists look swollen too. Mine are the same.
You are brave to wear a wedding ring. It makes me panic I am sure it will get stuck. I wear a very broad, large eternity ring which is the only thing I don't feel squashed into.
x Lola

Hi Cad
you are so clever to put the pics there for us to:hehe: comment on. Yes I understand that the red colour is one problem.
I wonder whether the colour started gradually or quickly. When we get symptoms we are not sure. My hands over 5 years started to get puffy, until 3 years ago the stiffness and ache were worst,:eek: abdo ballooning. I could only wear a watch with gaps, same as ring(ajdustable) then couldn't wear shoes only sportshoes.
2years ago first dr ran tests as seemed like acromegaly- all negative. Went to southern endocrinologist- hopeless:worried:.
Start last year so many symptoms-skin, :sad:gums,weight,pain, hands,feet, kidney, sinus, BP. So I imagine how you feel.
Rheumy in Sep said lupuslike symptoms, script for Plaquenil, and this has helped a bit:p.
Other specialists are leaning towards tissue problems now- had carpal op few years ago, sinus and gums, skin still bad. have further appts.:wink2:

So I hope you do find out more, ;)and we know it takes time. Take care.
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Hi cad,

I don't have the best screen, but the colour is not very clear to me either.

Hi all,
actually my hands were the first symtom really, i started to get the coour changes and puffiness about 6 yrs ago, it wasn't untill i started having joint pain last oct that i had an ANA done which was positive. I was diagnosed witth hypothyroid at beginning of Feb. And have since developed lots of other symtoms, too many to list. I suffer from chronic pain, joint swelling and stiffness. My last ANA was positive again in April and also ENA showed positive Rnp antibodies. Rheumy wrote to me saying that my results indicate mixed connective tissue disease but am still waiting to go back as my rheumy department is in chaos and the firat rhemy i saw has since left.

I am already on plaquenil 400mg, arcoxia nsaid 90mg, tramadol 400mg, paracetamol 600mg, omeprazole 40mg and my meds for thyroid an am also tye 1 diabetic aswell. My gp has just given me oramorph to deal with the pain when its unbearable.

Just put these on to see if they corrispond with anyone else.

I can't wear my weeding ring anymore, i only just got it off actually!!!!

Cassie :)
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You definately do have some very red hands and yes they that looks like Raynauds to me. The other thing that I have noticed is the puffiness in your hands. Do you take any Lasix or any other diuretic? Do they hurt and throb especially when you try to make a fist or even bend them a little bit? I would br talking to your physician as soon as possible. Many people, including myself, retain water not only in my legs and feet, but my face, hands and the lower part of my arms.

Good luck!
Hi Nancy,
no i don't tak any diuretics.
My gp is aware of my hands, this is another reason i am trying to get back to the rheumy asap.
Yes they are very painful and throb, i do have trouble making a fist and gripping and holding objects.
I also have joint swelling in my knukles aswell which is not visible in this pick.

Thanks ladies for your replies!

This happens to my hands also.

Not so much in the summer but more so in the winter I get the redness.

Swelling for me is more in the summer.

I hope you get some relief from this.;)
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